Pediatric T1DM Research Study
Columbus, GA

Pediatric Type 1 diabetes is a type of diabetes which affects children and young people. This form of diabetes happens when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, a hormone that helps glucose get into cells to energize them. Without sufficient insulin, the body doesn’t have enough energy and glucose builds up in the bloodstream instead of going into cells. Symptoms include excessive thirst, frequent urination and unexplained weight loss. If left untreated, Type 1 diabetes can lead to serious health problems such as kidney disease and blindness. 


Centricity Research is currently enrolling participants in a Type 1 diabetes study in our Columbus, GA location. Compensation may be available for time and travel for qualified participants.  

Location: Endocrine Consultants, Inc, 2425 Brookstone Centre Pkwy, Columbus, GA 31904

You can learn more about this study by visiting and entering the protocol number PRV-031-005. 


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